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Police building in black and white.

Flashcard Apps

From the mind of Officer Tom Saccenti, and with the technical know-how of Twin State Technical Services, our flashcard apps were created to make studying for all Police Academy exams easier and more effective.

With a straightforward layout and easy-to-use interface, you can use these flashcards to simplify the learning process. By providing you with pre-written study cards, you can spend more time learning the information necessary for your Police Academy exams. This app uses plain language, so you will always understand what you are studying.

                                Who We Are

Tom Saccenti

Tom Saccenti is an experienced Police Chief specializing in Higher Education. He has held multiple conferences on police body cameras and has assisted in the implementation of body-worn cameras at several agencies. As Chief of Police at Furman University, Tom is responsible for setting the tone for providing a safe and secure environment and fostering a sense of community interest and involvement throughout the campus police department with an emphasis on positive and proactive interactions with all those they come into contact with. Beyond his work as a police chief, Tom has worked as an entrepreneur throughout his life. He started a DJ company as a young man, opened a restaurant, and—most recently—developed several successful cell phone applications for law enforcement.


Twin State Technical Services

Twin State Technical Services has been in business since 1992. We have helped to create several mobile applications, including Video Armor—an app that turns your smartphone into a body-worn police camera and notebook. When not working on law enforcement applications, we develop software, create websites, and engineer networks for a wide variety of clients in the Quad Cities region and throughout the Midwest.


Other Police Apps

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, wearable body camera, we have the application for you!

Video Armor is a body camera you can download straight to your smartphone. Learn more at the Video Armor website.